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Math Properties Scoot

Math Properties Scoot FREE from The Curriculum Corner for 5th and 6th grades

Sometimes even older students need a little movement in their day.  Give them what they need with this easy to prepare Scoot game.  It can be used to give students practice before a test or as a review later in the year.  We have created 28 preprogrammed cards along with 4 blank cards for you to include your own problems.  The recording page has 30 boxes.  Math Properties Scoot Game

Scoot Recording Page

Print and laminate the colorful cards.  To play, place one card at each student’s seat.  Each student gets a recording sheet.  They begin at the number of the card at their seat.  The teacher yells “Scoot” to signal students to rotate to the left.  Play continues until students have traveled to each spot.