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Writing Expressions w/ Variables Brochure

This brochure provides ready to go practice or assessment for algebra – it addresses the fifth grade algebra concept of using variables to write expressions.

FREEBIE Writing Expressions Using Variables for 5th Grade | Math | The Curriculum Corner FREE!

To prepare your brochures, print the PDF provided at the bottom of this post.  Then, copy front to back and fold!  If available, print on bright, colored paper for a bit more flare.

In this resource students are required to use what they know about variables to write algebraic expressions for situations.   One written explanation response is also required when completing the brochure. This printable was designed to offer extra practice for students who have been taught this skill. Use as practice after your lesson, for homework or place at a center.

Writing Expressions Using Variables for 5th Grade | Math | The Curriculum Corner FREE!

This brochure was designed with the 5th grade standards, but depending on your classroom, it might fit into fourth or sixth grade rooms to provide differentiation for the different levels of mastery you see in your students.  You might choose to have students complete it independently at a math center for review or use it as a resource for small group remediation of 5th grade algebra concepts.

If you have any great activities you use to help teach your students how to write expressions using variables, we would love for you to share below in the comments section so that other teachers can benefit from your creative ideas!

You can download the free brochure for using variables here, just click on the bold title: Variables to Write Expressions Brochure.

As always, the free resources we provide are intended for FREE classroom use.  You may copy them for your personal use.  You may NOT sell on any other site.  Also, we welcome links back to this post.  Please do not link directly to the PDF download.  This is a violation of our privacy policy. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Krystal L. Smith

Tuesday 16th of May 2017

I'm looking forward to trying this one. As always, thank you for creating awesome resources!