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211 Reading Graphic Organizers

This collection of over 200 free reading graphic organizers will be a useful addition to your reading workshop.

This is another collection of free resources from The Curriculum Corner.

Use these 211 reading graphic organizers to help make planning for reading easier.

WOW!!! 211 FREE reading graphic organizers! The Curriculum Corner

Graphic Organizers

We have a large collection of graphic organizers you can use to meet standards for each grade level and area of focus in reading.

Follow the links at the bottom of the post to find the free download for each set.

We have divided the organizers by grade levels and literature or informational text.

When designing our organizers, our goal was to make them kid and teacher friendly.

Each is designed to meet standards for the given grade levels. If you are looking to meet the needs of individual students in your classroom, you might choose organizers that touch upon the same skill but are geared towards different grade levels.


As always, we find it is best to use a graphic organizer during a mini-lesson so that your expectations can be modeled for students.

Once they are familiar with how the graphic organizer works, it can be used during independent reading or during other times throughout the day.

Have a great idea for using our reading graphic organizers in a different way? Please share your ideas below so that other teachers can benefit.

Click the blue words below to access each set.

Literature for Kindergarten            Informational Text for Kindergarten

Literature for 1st, 2nd and 3rd       Informational Text for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Literature for 4th and 5th                 Informational Text for 4th and 5th

These files are for your personal, classroom use.  As always, these are meant to be free and may not be sold.  

Please feel free to share with your colleagues, district or link to this post on your blog.  

When sharing these files, we ask that you link directly to this post rather than simply sharing the download.  

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