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Counting Money Worksheets

This collection of free counting money worksheets will give your students practice with identifying coins and counting money.

Help your children practice counting coins with these free printable counting money worksheets.

You will be able to give your students skill practice after your hands-on instruction.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from The Curriculum Corner.

counting money worksheets

Free Printable Worksheets for Math Practice

In need of more identifying coins and counting money worksheets? We’ve got you covered!

This set of counting money practice pages include 53 pages for you to choose from.

These pages will help your first grade, second grade and third grade students practice money standards in the classroom. Of course, this is also a life skill that students need to master so extra practice is always helpful.

This collection of pages has not been created for teaching but for practice after the skill has been taught. As always, we like our teaching to include hands-on practice with manipulatives!

You might want to add our free counting coins clip cards to your math centers. Add clothespins and these will make for an engaging way for your students to practice how to count coins.

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Make sure you add plenty of pretend coins and bills to your classroom for hands on practice. We also like using coin stamps at a math center. There are many ways students can “play” with these as they are learning. Students might also enjoy magnetic coins and bills to add to your board.

When introducing the skill of identifying and counting money, be sure you provide students with plenty of hands on learning.

Students can’t be taught how to count coins by completing a worksheet. Before they are ready for pencil and paper, they will spend time counting coins and bills with their neighbors.

As some students master this skill sooner than others, look for ways to sneak some extra practice throughout your day.

One of my favorite ways to add in one extra practice session was having students “pay” to leave the room. As we lined up for lunch I would ask students to bring me a certain amount of money. Students would count out the money from a cup of coins at the center of their table and put it in my bowl as we left. Just be sure to offer a student helper for those still requiring help.

counting money worksheets

Students will receive practice with the following skills by completing pages from this set:

  • Identifying coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars)
  • Identifying value of coins
  • Counting up to find the value of a group of coins
  • Matching a group of coins with a value
  • Counting bills and coins (includes counting dollar bills, five dollar bills, ten dollar bills and twenty dollar bills)

You can download this free set of worksheets here:

Math Practice Pages

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Thank you to Glitter Meets Glue for the money clip art!