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Friendship Fluency Sentences

Download this collection of friendship fluency sentences as a fun literacy center to use for Valentine’s Day.

Download this collection of friendship fluency sentences as a fun literacy center to use for Valentine's Day.

This is another free resource for teaches and families from The Curriculum Corner.

We hope these friendship fluency sentences are a perfect addition to your February or even back to school literacy centers.

One great aspect of this set is that it is quick to assemble and doesn’t require any special supplies.

These are great to print for a quick center, especially during the month of February when Valentine’s Day is celebrated by so many.

About these friendship fluency sentences

If you are in a district that doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in classrooms, it is even MORE perfect because these sentences focus on friendship without a mention of cupid, being “mine”, hearts or saints!

These also can be a great back to school resource for when you are looking at setting class expectations for how to treat each other.

Within our collection you will find:

  1.  Friendship Fluency Sentences  You will find a set with and a set without punctuation. Print these on card stock and laminate for durability.
  2. Roll, Read & Keep Game Print in color and laminate.  You will also need the winter phrases laminated and cut apart.  Students place a phrase on each box, roll a die and read the sentence matching their roll.  If the student can read the sentence, it is kept.  Students take turns rolling until all phrases are gone.
  3. My Friendship Fluency Book  It can be so difficult  to find just right books for beginning readers.  Use the winter phrases and this booklet to create a book your struggling readers can read on their own.  During small group instruction, have students practice reading a sentence then illustrate.  Students can glue their phrase in the booklet below the illustration.  This is a great way to build confidence as students add phrases throughout the the month of February or during back to school time!

Looking for ideas on how to use the fluency sentences? Here are a few:

  • Sentence Sort – The set includes statements, questions, exclamations and commands.  Let your students use sentence clues to sort them into the different kinds of sentences.  We’ve even included a set without punctuation to add more of a challenge.
  • Sentence Scramble – Cut these sentences into individual words and put each set in a baggie or envelope for students to unscramble and write on dry erase boards or blank paper.
  • Illustrate the Sentence – Have students choose one sentence to write at the bottom of a paper and then illustrate to show they understand the meaning.
  • Writing Prompts – Choose some of these to use as writing prompts during your unit on Friendship.  Students can read them and make text-to-self connections as they write about what it means (or has meant) in their worlds.

You can download this free set here:

Literacy Download

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