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Winter Missing Addends Cards

These winter missing addends cards can help students develop better math fact mastery.

winter missing addends

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Our winter missing addends cards are an engaging way to help students practice a new skill or review an old one.

Wondering how to help your students practice finding missing addends?

This new math scoot game will be a fun way for your students to review this skill.

Before focusing on our new game, let’s look at the skill.

First: What are addends?

Addends are the numbers added together. For today, we are focusing on basic facts. Our addends will be between 0 and 10.

Second: How can I Introduce the skill of missing addends?

If this is a new skill for students, you might use ten frames to help students understand the concept.

You can use our free printable ten frames found in our math tools kit if you don’t already have a set.

Share a ten frame. Ask students the number of dots. Then ask students how many dots are needed to complete the ten frame.

Once students identify the missing number, write the basic addition fact modeled for students to see.

Students can the practice with partners or small groups.

winter missing addends

Our Winter Missing Addends Cards

  • Print the cards on card stock
  • Laminate for durability
  • Cut apart and store cards

Looking for a way to store your task cards? We really like these cases: (contains affiliate link)

These cards can be placed at a center for practice with a recording page. Choose the page that is best for your students. Students can choose a card. They will then record the card number and missing addend.

You might also choose to use these cards to play a scoot game.

Why do we like using scoot games in the classroom?

Scoot games can be a great way to get students up and moving while reviewing a basic skill.

Working movement into your day can help your students stay engaged.

How do you play a game of scoot?

  • Set up the game by placing a card at each seat in the classroom.
  • Each student gets a recording page.
  • Students start at their spot.
  • When you say scoot, students rotate to the next spot. (Make sure you tell students ahead of time the direction they will be moving.)

Want to get your kids moving but need to use these cards as a center activity?

Instead of playing as a scoot game you might choose to create a scavenger hunt. Set the cards up as a write the room type activity.

You will place cards around the room. Students then search for each card and record the answer.

You can download this free math center here:

Factor Scoot

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