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Tools for Math Workshop

These free math workshop tools for students are brought to you by The Curriculum Corner.

FREE tools for your math workshop from The Curriculum Corner

We have created this toolkit to help you have the resources you need for your math workshop.

We know that it can be difficult to provide students with all of the tools you find helpful. To help you supply your students with what they need, we are providing you with this free set of printable math tools.

Tons of FREE tools for your math workshop from The Curriculum Corner

Setting up Your Math Toolkits

We envision printing sets of the tools you will be using throughout the year on colored card stock and laminating for durability. (affiliate link below)


Don’t forget to help your resources last longer! Laminate your tools for durability.

You can create a complete set for each student and have students store their set in a baggie or other case in their desks. 

Or, if you are worried about missing pieces, you can create a class set of the tools as you need them and store by type. 

Additionally, we have included a student toolkit booklet so that you are able to provide students with an easy to use reference book for math class.

FREEBIE Make your own student resource booklets! for your math workshop from The Curriculum Corner

You can download the complete collection by clicking on the bold, blue words at the bottom of this post.

What tools will you find in our printable math tools kit?

  • dot cards
  • ten frames
  • large number cards 0-10
  • number cards 0-20, word cards
  • number cards 0-120 with math symbol cards
  • blanks 100s chart
  • 100s chart
  • small 100s charts
  • blank 120 chart
  • 120 chart
  • small 120 charts
  • blank number paths 1-10
  • number paths 1-10
  • number lines 1-10
  • number lines 1-20
  • tens & ones work mat
  • hundreds, tens & ones work mat
  • blank ten frame
  • blank five frame
  • number bond work mat
  • subtracting on a number line work mat 1-10
  • subtracting on a number line work mat 1-100
  • fractions work mat
  • blank clocks

Make Personal Toolkit Booklets!

  • This contains many 1/2 sheet pages that you can pick and choose from to create personal toolkits that are just right for your students. 
  • The pages are created so they can be cut apart and stapled at the top. 
  • (We have included three versions of a place value chart so you can use the one that fits the standards in your grade level.)

You can download the complete collection of math workshop tools here: 

Math Tools for your Workshop

We would love to see pictures showing how you have used these resources in your classroom! 

Share creative ideas below to help other teachers get the most of these tools.

Other Free Resources from The Curriculum Corner

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