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Converting Metric Units of Length Brochure

This brochure provides ready to go practice for converting and comparing metric units of length.

FREE Converting Metric Units of Length FREEBIE practice brochure from The Curriculum Corner

To prepare your brochures, print the PDF provided at the bottom of this post.  Then, copy front to back and fold!  If available, print on bright, colored paper to add a little fun to your math.

Along with practice converting measurements, this brochure includes a few visuals to help students complete the conversions.  Students are also asked to compare two lengths and determine which is larger.  One written response is required when completing the brochure.

This brochure was designed with fifth grade math standards in mind, but depending on your classroom, it might fit with 4th or 6th graders as well depending on their level of understanding.  You might choose to have students complete this brochure at a math center or with a partner. This brochure is designed to be used in cooperation with lessons on metric units of length. It has not been created to teach the concept but instead to provide practice for students who have already been taught the skill.

You can download the free brochure here, just click on the bold title: Metric Units Length Brochure.

If you are looking for something similar we have also created the same brochure using customary units of length as well.  You will find that here:  Customary Units of Length Brochure

As always, the free resources we provide are intended for FREE classroom use.  You may copy them for your personal use.  You may NOT sell on any other site.  Also, we welcome links back to this post.  Please do not link directly to the PDF download.  This is a violation of our privacy policy.

Enedit Baeza

Wednesday 4th of March 2020

These are amazing! Thanks for sharing with us educators.