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Fall Fact Hunt

These free fall fact hunt games will give your students multiplication and division fact practice with seasonal autumn themes.

Fall Fact Hunt

Jill and Cathy at The Curriculum Corner work hard to provide teachers with free resources for classrooms. Please share these resources with your colleagues and send us your requests!

These fall fact hunts will be a great addition to your autumn resources.

Intermediate students can still need help memorizing basic facts. We put together these spring themed fact hunt pages to help those students needing practice and review.

These multiplication and division fact practice pages are for independent practice and can be used at a center or for practice at home.

Each page has a different design and collection of facts.  These are great for sending home because they only require the paper and a pencil or other writing utensil.

Challenge students who have mastery of their math facts by encouraging them to create their own math fact hunt games. They can create them on grid paper or on the computer if you set up a grid for them.

Fall Fact Hunt

To play independently:

  • The facts are found forwards, backwards, upwards and downwards.
  • Students should circle the fact and write in the x or ÷ symbol along with an equal sign.

To play as a partner game:

  • These can easily become a partner game by having students take turns finding a fact.  The last player to find a fact is the winner.
  • Use at a math center to help students review their basic facts!

As always, these are created to be a free resource for teachers and families. You are welcome to print and copy for your personal use.

You may not sell these free games or modify and sell these games. Please help us keep our resources free by following these rules!

You can download the collection of 8 fall fact hunt boards here:  Find a Fact Practice

If you are looking for timed tests to use in your classroom, you will find our full collection below:

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