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Focus on: Video Games

Learning about video games in the classroom can be a way to engage students in reading and writing activities.

video games in the classroom

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

We have creating this collection to help you implement learning about video games in the classroom.

Who invented the first video game? 

There is some debate about the answer to this question. Most experts agree that the answer Ralph Henry Baer who invented the Odyssey gaming system.

We have included passages for three people important to the development of the first video game. Students can use these passages or do their own research.

As they read, they will determine who they believe was the true inventor of the video game. The focus in this activity should be on providing evidence to defend their decision. It is possible that as they research, students will have different answers.

This could lead to a great opportunity for a debate in the classroom.

Sketch Notes

If you are not familiar with sketch notes, this will give you an opportunity to explore the concept. Sketch notes are when students take notes using words and pictures. A page of sketch notes might be covered in small pictures and words or phrases sharing what they are learning.

We have provided a page for students to take their sketch notes on throughout this unit.

Video Games Timeline

Students will practice their research skills by creating a timeline of the development of video games throughout history. They can use the page we created to take notes.

Extend this by creating a large time line in your classroom. You can hang a string and use clothespins. Have students write events on large note cards and add each even to the time line.

Famous Video Game Designers

Students will focus on learning about a video game designer of their choice. You will find a list of video game designers. We have tried to filter out some designers. We suggest you look to make sure you are comfortable sharing the designers remaining on the list.

Once students have chosen a designer, they can research to learn more. Have students add words and pictures to the graphic organizer.

Reading an Infographic

Students will need the infographic found here: How to Become a Video Game Designer Infographic

Have students practice reading an infographic by completing the questions.

Qualities of Video Game Designers

Have students work in partners or small groups to complete the page.

Encourage them to discuss what traits they think are important for video game developers to have. They need to provide the trait and reasoning behind each choice.

Persuasive Writing: Are Video Games Good or Bad

Students will begin by researching to form their opinion. They will need to record what they learn.

Next, they will write a persuasive essay trying to convince others to agree with them.

Includes a page for researching, planning, drafting and writing the final piece.

Writing a Story

Students will create their own video game story.  You will find pages to guide students through the process. However, this is an activity where some students might prefer to have less guidance.

You might have students turn their story into a comic book like product. Or, you can use the lined pages we have created. These pages have boxes to the left so students can illustrate their stories.

Esports in Schools

Students will need this article: esports in Schools

You will find an organizer for students to respond to the article as they read. While the organizer is an option, you might also just choose to read and hold a class discussion.

Join the Club!

This is a good follow up to the esports in schools article. Students will try to convince a principal that they should allow the teachers and students to create an esports team.

Creating a Commercial

Have students work with a partner to create a commercial for a video game of their choice. This is a good opportunity to talk about using persuasive language to convince the buyer.

To follow up, students could record their commercial.

Keeping Things Under Control

This is not directly related to video games. However, while studying video games, it might be a good time to look at making good choices.

Talk with students about things like language choice, completing homework, being kind to others, etc. This can be a piece of a class discussion on self control.

You can download this collection on video games in the classroom here:
Gaming Set

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