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Long Division Resources (2-Digit Divisor)

ong Division:  Dividing by a Double Digit Divisor | Center Activity | Practice Pages | Problem Solving Cards | Links to division videosHere are some resources to help students practice long division skills with 2-digit divisors.  They address fourth grade math CCSS for Operations.  We have included number cards & a recording page for a quick center or partner-check activity, 12 story problem cards and a practice page of problems.

Long Division Draw-a-Card Activity – For this activity simply print, cut and laminate the Divisor and Dividend cards.  We have color coded the cards so that the green cards are the divisors and the blue cards are the dividends.  (Students will need to be familiar with how to check division using multiplication.)  Place the cards in two separate stacks.  Students draw one of each to create a problem.  They record the problem in the box on the recording sheet, and then solve the problem.  Then they can either self-check using multiplication in the adjacent box OR have a partner check their work using multiplication.

Divisor & Dividend Cards     Recording Page

Story Problem Cards –  Before using these cards, students need to be familiar with interpreting remainders in story problems.  They need to be able to look to the story within the problem to determine what to do with the remainder.  This is a set of 12 division story problem cards (answers with and without remainders).  Print, cut and laminate for a center, Scoot game or quick Exit Ticket.

Practice Pages – Six different practice pages for students.

Without Remainders          With Remainders

With and Without Remainders

Here are some engaging videos we found we think your students will enjoy:

Long Division with Two Digit Divisor:  This is a good video explaining the steps of long division.  This is good for students who need to review the steps while you are working with a small group.  Good explanation!

Division Song:  To the tune of YMCA, this video is sure to get your students singing along!

Long Division Pirates:   A fun video for reviewing the steps, not ideal for teaching but your students will love the song and will be engaged.

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