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The Fall of Ancient Greece

This reading passage focuses on the fall of Ancient Greece and the reasons behind the decline.

Students can use this as a way to begin discussing the fall of Ancient Greece.

This passage was written to discuss many reasons or events that resulted in the weaking and eventual collapse of Ancient Greece.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from The Curriculum Corner.

The Fall of Ancient Greece

Studying Ancient Greece

As we studied Greece, students learned about the lack of a united group of city-states. We had also touched upon the Peloponnesian War. Along with other events, we had discussed Alexander the Great and debated if he was truly great or now.

When it was time to talk about Greece falling apart, my students were mostly familiar with the pieces put together in this reading.

I have found that I like having the passages like this one because students can highlight, circle, and draw to show their thinking. They have been a good tool to weave history and reading skills together.

The Fall of Ancient Greece

Along with the reading, I have included a few questions on the sides and at the bottom for students to share their thinking.

For this one, I told students they could use words and pictures in the boxes – the focus was not on writing in complete sentences but to share their thoughts.

The final question I asked for a written response using sentences. This was to provide practice for what they might see on a history test in junior high next year.

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