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The Geography of Ancient Rome

Explore the geography of ancient Rome while working on context clues with this download.

Students can learn about the geography of ancient Rome with this passage.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from The Curriculum Corner.

The geography of ancient Rome

This passage is designed to provide reading material with strong vocabulary that helps students learn about the geography of ancient Rome

The passage explores the seven hills surrounding the city, the Tiber River, the Mediterranean and more. After reading, students will be able to share what they know about how geography impacted the lives of these people.

Students should be looking for the positive and negative influences geography had on their lives.

You can encourage students to highlight, draw, or write to highlight the important parts as they read.

My students like to draw pictures related to the reading in order to help them better remember the reading.

Practicing context clues

Along with the reading, you will find a page that is designed for students to use when practiciing using context clues. There are five words on the page.

Students will begin by finding each word on the page. You might choose to have them circle or highlight the words.

Next, students will use the context clues to help them complete each of the columns. For the +/- box, students will simply put a + or – to show what feeling the word gives them. For example, they might say that they think commerce is positive because it is a part of trading and growing their economy.

The next step will be for students to write the clues they find in the reading that will help them understand the meaning of each word. Finally, they will use the clues to determine the meaning of each word.

If students have not done similar work before, it might be helpful to go through this one together.

You can download this resource by clicking on the green apples below:

Exploring the geography of ancient Rome

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