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Scaredy Squirrel Books by Melanie Watt

One of my all time favorite books is Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt – if you haven’t read it or the rest of the series, take a look. Your students will LOVE these books!
Have you read the Scaredy Squirrel books by Melanie Watt?  Kids LOVE them and they are full of opportunities to practice so many skills. 

Melanie Watt has written other books so this study of her Scaredy Squirrel books could easily be expanded into a full author study. 

We’ve included some of our favorites at the bottom of this post. 

The activities we have created are designed to work with any or all of the Scaredy Squirrel books.

As this is an older post, each resource is provided as an individual download.

Melanie Watt Biography  (We created an organizer to be used with a biography when we did some work with Eric Carle, you will find that organizer here: Eric Carle Unit

Noticings  Before you begin your series of lessons on the books, we suggest giving the kids an opportunity to explore.  We do this by laying out the books and letting the children pore over them on their own.  When they find unique aspects to her writing, they can record them on the organizer.  For young children, this may be done as a whole class activity.

Thinking While Reading  Good readers think while they read (or synthesize!)  This organizer gives students an opportunity to share their thoughts as they read or listen to the story.

Afraid of Everything!  Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of EVERYTHING!  Students share his fear and the details on this graphic organizer.

Part of the Plan  Scaredy Squirrel always has a plan!  Have students share the details of the plan on this graphic organizer.

What Went Wrong?  As prepared as Scaredy Squirrel is, something always goes wrong!  Students share the problems he encounters on this graphic organizer.

Text to Text Connections  These books are a great way for students to practice making and sharing text to text connections.  After students have listened to or read two books, they can record the connections they were able to make.

Waking Up!  In the end, Scaredy Squirrel overcomes his fears.  Have students write about how Scaredy Squirrel reacts when he wakes up.

What Else Could Happen?  Encourage students to create their own Scaredy Squirrel adventure with this organizer.  You could take it a step farther and have students turn their ideas into their own book.  You will find our book templates here: Blank Books for Writing

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Beverly Cothran

Thursday 11th of July 2013

Great literacy ideas. I am considering having a Scaredy Squirrel Research and Investigations Center with binoculars, observation notes, and safety tips.