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Polygon Task Cards

This collection of 24 polygon task cards will give your students geometry practice with fifth grade math skills.

This collection of 24 polygon task cards will give your students geometry practice with fifth grade math skills

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner. 

These free polygon task cards are designed for your fifth grade math classroom.

Use these free polygon task cards for a math center activity or as a SCOOT game in your math classroom.

You can download this free set of measurement task cards by clicking on the bold, blue words at the bottom of this post. 

These cards are designed to be used with students who have already been taught about polygons, but still need some practice or a review activity.

If you have not yet taught this skill, be sure to give students a lesson on what is needed first.

Along with the task cards and recording pages, an answer key is provided. You may use it for grading or for students to self check their answers.

You will also find a page with cards containing polygon definitions. These can be laminated and placed at a center as a tool.

This set of measurement task cards has 24 cards.

FREE Polygon Task Cards from The Curriculum Corner

Also included is an assortment of recording sheets so you can modify assignments as needed for different students. At the top of each page is a place for students to record their assigned task number cards. For example, some students might complete all of the odds while you might have other students complete the evens.

How to play as a SCOOT game

When using as a SCOOT game, use the page of boxes provided. This game is meant to get students up and moving.

Place a card at each student’s seat or at various places around the room. Students pick a spot and are given a set amount of time to complete the problem. The teacher then announces “SCOOT”. The children rotate in a predetermined route or direction and complete another task card in a different spot.

This set contains a color and black and white version of the cards. The color version comes first in the PDF, the white version will be found at the end.

You can download this set here:

Polygons Task Cards

If you would like the black and white version, you will find it here: Black & White Task Cards

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