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Classroom Decor: Black Polka Dots

Use this printable classroom decor set in black and white polka dots to create a trendy and organized classroom with a simple theme. 

classroom decor set

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

This printable decor set is perfect for the teacher looking for a simple classroom theme. 

With this black and white polka dot theme, you will easily be able to add in your own, bold colors. We suggest printing and layering on top of a color card stock of your choice.

Something like this in a 9 x 12 is perfect and eliminates the need to trim the edges before layering. (contains affiliate link)

This classroom decor set contains a wide range of materials. You will find ready to print materials along with editable pages.

classroom decor set

How to Edit this Classroom Decor Set

The editable files are available as PowerPoint downloads. Editing is simple but you must have PowerPoint to be able to download.

We have used free KG fonts in these files. You will need to add these to your computer in order to use these files.

The two fonts we used are: KG Penmanship Print & KG Eyes Wide Open. You are also able to change the fonts we used to other fonts of your choice.

Simply type over the wording we have entered to make it your own.

Need another color added to fit your class decor? You can change the font colors to make this set fit your classroom!

The assortment of sizes and shapes on the editable files will allow you to edit in order to create the following:

  • classroom labels
  • name tags
  • group name signs
  • group number signs
  • hall passes
  • book bin labels
  • supply labels
  • classroom center signs
  • blank anchor chart 
  • response posters
  • classroom schedule cards

Our Noneditable Files Include

  • ABC letters in print
  • ABC letters in cursive
  • color posters
  • cardinal directions posters
  • number line cards
  • number cards
  • ABCD cards for grouping students
  • calendar pieces

You can download these free Black & White Polka Dot Classroom Decor files for your classroom decor below. Because of the varying file types. You will need to download each file separately.

Classroom Decor: Black & White Polka Dots

This collection of classroom decor includes both editable and ready to print items in a calming watercolor theme. Click on the teal words below to download each part of the collection.

ABC Line - print

This simple alphabet line is in KG Penmanship Print. These are not editable.

ABC Line - print

ABC Line - cursive

This simple alphabet line is in KG Always a Good Time Font. These are not editable. These are not editable.

ABC Line - cursive

Calendar Pieces

Contains months, days of the week and numbers. These are not editable.

Calendar Pieces


Packed with printables for colors, numbers, cardinal directions, shapes and more. These are not editable.


Decor Set

Completely editable! Use these pages to make classroom labels of all sizes, name tags, center signs and more. Also includes some posters for classroom management.

Decor Set

Schedule - Cursive

Completely editable! Display your classroom schedule with these cards. Add your own times and events. Use KG Eyes Wide Open Font.

Schedule - Cursive

Schedule - Print

Completely editable! Display your classroom schedule wit these cards. Add your own times and events. Use KG Penmanship Print Font.

Schedule - Print

Other resources to match this collection can be found here:

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Tania Basson

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

I would like to say Great Big Thank You for these. They are so easy to use and I am really grateful as a parent to have this to make my child's folders and stationery for homeschooling so much easier to organize and navigate.

Carolyn Pistorius

Monday 16th of August 2021

Thank you so much!!! This was easy to use and free. I am so grateful. I cannot wait to set up my new classroom at my new school tonight so I can teach my new students tomorrow! Yes, you read that right. Your files and printouts have saved the day.

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