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Classroom Decor: Maps & Travel

This maps classroom decor set is perfect for your classroom travel theme or classroom adventure theme.

Download this maps classroom decor set to set up your new around the world adventure as you head back to school.

This theme contains everything you need to get started with your newly themed classroom.

This is another free resource for teachers and homeschool families from The Curriculum Corner.

Get ready for your learning adventure!

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I love this set because there are so many different ways it can be incorporated into your classroom.

You can simply go with a map theme and incorporate sayings such as: Where will your learning take you?

Or, maybe you will go with an adventure focus and use a saying such as: Welcome to a new adventure!

This theme can work in any classroom but could be choice if you are teaching world history or literature around the world.

The downloads being shared will be a good start but you might choose to add in your own ideas.

I would definitely make sure globes are available and I even love the idea of having inflatable globes for some activities.

I also like this bulletin board paper with a wood look to use as a background.

This maps classroom decor set

Within this collection, you will find many different options.

There are choices so that this theme can be adapted for many different grade levels.

Along with preformatted sets, some are editable using PowerPoint.

How can I edit this classroom theme set?

The editable files you will find in this set are being shared as PowerPoint downloads. Editing is easy to do but you must have PowerPoint installed on your computer in order to be able to use the files.

We have used free KG fonts in these files. You will need to add these to your computer in order for the files to display correctly. Another option is to switch the fonts to one of your favorites.

The three fonts we have used are KG A Thousand Years, KG Penmanship Print & KG Be Still and Know.

Simply type of the wording we have entered to make these your very own.

Need another color added to fit your classroom theme? You can change the font colors to make this set a perfect fit.

These files will allow you to create the following materials for your classroom:

  • classroom labels
  • name tags
  • group name signs
  • group number signs
  • hall passes
  • book bin lables
  • supply labels
  • classroom center signs
  • blank anchor chart
  • response posters
  • classroom schedule cards

The files which are not editable include:

  • ABC letter line in print
  • ABC letter line in cursive
  • color posters
  • cardinal directions posters
  • number line cards
  • number cards
  • ABC cards for grouping students, ordering or anything else
  • calendar pieces
  • literacy center rotation cards

You can download these free files here:

Classroom Decor: Maps

This classroom decor set has a map theme. You will be able to click on the underlined titles below to download each file. Each file is a separate download.

This set will also fit well into a travel themed classroom or a learning is an adventure theme.

ABC Line - print

This simple ABC line is in KG Penmanship Print. This is not an editable file.

ABC Line - print

ABC Line - cursive

This alphabet line is being shared using KG Always a Good Time font. This is not an editable file.

ABC Line - cursive

Calendar Pieces

This set contains months, days of the week and numbers. This is not an editable file.

Calendar Pieces


Packed with printables for colors, numbers, cardinal directions, shapes and more. These are not editable.


Decor Set

This download is completely editable! Use the pages here to make classroom labels of all sizes, name tags, center signs and more. You will also find some posters for classroom management.

Editable Decor Set

Schedule - Cursive

Completely editable! Display your classroom schedule using these cards. Add your own times and events. Use KG Eyes Wide Open Font.

Schedule - Cursive

Schedule - Print

Completely editable! Display your classroom schedule with these cards. Add your own times and events. Use KG Penmanship Primary Font.

Schedule - Print

Book Basket Labels

These editable labels will help you create tags for sorting your books. Many already having wording for categories. You will also be able to edit to create other labels.

Book Basket Labels

Classroom Labels

This is another editable set. You will find supply labels in English and Spanish. You will be able to edit the text.

Classroom Labels

Literacy Center Cards

This is not an editable set. These cards can be used to organize and communicate with your students about literacy centers.

Literacy Center Cards


Thursday 26th of May 2022

A couple of the links open to a file not found page, including schedule, posters and decor pack. I am interested in using these. Thanks!

Jill & Cathy

Monday 30th of May 2022

Thank you! They should be working now.