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Fall Decimal Computation Scoot

This Fall Decimal Computation Scoot game is great for practice or review this autumn in your fourth or fifth grade classroom!

Fall Decimal Scoot

This Fall Decimal Computation Scoot game gives your students practice with addition and subtraction of decimals.

Adding a little movement to your lessons throughout the day is so helpful for your students.  Scoot activities are an easy way to incorporate movement, yet still provide practice and engagement for students.

For this activity, print and laminate the cards and copy a Scoot recording page for each student.

How To Set Up

As a Scoot Game

To play, place all the cards at various locations in the room.  This can be at student seats, on the floor, stuck to walls and even at the teacher’s desk. Next, tell students to find and walk to a card anywhere in the room.  They will begin the activity by writing on their Scoot recording page at the same number of the card where they are standing. (So if they walk to card #14, they will write their answer for that problem in box #14.)

As a Write the Room Game

Instead of playing this as a scoot game, you could also make it a write the room type of activity. Place the cards throughout the room and your students can travel around the room during class to find each card. This is a good alternative to a traditional scoot game because students will not feel rushed to complete each problem.

Fall Decimal Scoot

Teaching Your Kids to Play Scoot

You may want to plan out the direction and path of the rotation before beginning, but you can also simply have them walk randomly to a new spot.  The activity continues until students have traveled to each of the 28 cards.

Of course, you don’t have to use all 28.  You can use only the number of students in your classroom if it is less, but we have found that having a few extra helps with the flow of the scoot game.  Students can travel to another card if the one they are headed towards becomes occupied before they get there.  If you have more than 28 students, they can either double up at a card if needed or you can direct them to check their work for a few minutes if all the spots are taken.

An answer key is provided for easy grading purposes or if you want  your students to self-check.  Many teachers use Scoot games as a review for an assessment, so students can check their answers to determine if they need additional practice or support before the assessment.

If you would like to use only specific cards as Task cards, we have also provided a separate recording page.  You can use this page to assign specific numbers of tasks or even specific card numbers to particular students.

***** You will find all 28 Fall Decimal Computation Scoot cards and the recording pages described above here: Decimal Computation Scoot *****

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