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Severe Weather

Get ready for your focus on severe weather with this free set of resources for your classroom.

Severe Weather Unit of Study

This is another free resource for teachers from The Curriculum Corner.

Ready to focus on severe weather but not sure where to start? Take a look at the collection we have created to get your planning started!

You will find that many of our resources can accompany the severe weather books and web sites you already use. In case you need a little guidance finding some, we have included links to two of our favorite web sites. 

In addition, at the bottom of this post, you will find links to some of the severe weather books we like for our weather book baskets.

Severe Weather Lessons

Resources in our Severe Weather Collection

Focus Slides  These are like bell ringers designed to be displayed on your SmartBoard. Each slide contains a different focus question for the day. Have students write on the SmartBoard or add Post-It Notes to the display to respond.

Severe Weather Challenge Slides These will guide your science activity for the day. Each contains a challenge along with directions. You will find coordinating recording pages in the student booklet. 

Students will need building materials to complete the Build a Shelter task. You might use boxes, paper towel tubes, building blocks, Legos or any other materials you have on hand.

Severe Weather Word List We’ve gathered words that you might use throughout your study. 

Vocabulary Cards Students will sort the vocabulary words with the definitions. You might use our three blank cards to add additional words to fit your class.

Which Weather Event Cards Students will read the scenario and then identify the most likely weather event being described. You will find blank cards as well so students can write their own scenarios. 

Severe Weather Booklet Before printing, look through the included pages to choose the options that fit your class. In some cases, we have given two versions of the same task. Provide students with videos, access to your favorite weather web sites and books as they learn and complete their booklets. This booklet should be used to guide class discussions, encourage students to work together and to allow students to record what they are learning. 

Two sites we found that will help your students as you learn about severe weather are: Weather WizKids and Weather for Kids.

Coordinating Pages An assortment of pages can be used to complete your booklets or for other activities during your severe weather unit. 

The final part of this collection includes all of the resources with a solid white background to help you save ink if needed.

You can download this Severe Weather Collection here:
Weather Unit

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